Lost & Found

Bicester Vets work very closely with AnimalFinders.co.uk to help reunite lost pets and their owners in and around the Bicester area.  This page lists some of the recent reports of lost and found pets in the Bicester area.  Click on a report to see more details on the Animal Finders website.

Lost and Found Pet Reports in Bicester:

Have you lost your pet?

Losing a pet can be very stressful and traumatic  - but help is available.

Animal Finders - lost and found pets in Bicester

Go to http://bicester.animalfinders.co.uk to create a report, generate a missing pet poster and get access to a network of volunteers and orgnisations that could help to keep a look out for your pet.

Have you found a stray?

If you've found a stray cat or dog - the chances are it's owner is desperately trying to find it. It worth checking to see if it's been microchipped, so bring it in to us and we'll happily scan it with one of our microchip scanners.

"Thank you very much for your kind note about Otto, we appreciated it very much indeed. More importantly, thank you so much for all the care you have given him - as you gave our other dogs - over the years. We feel most fortunate to have such a wonderful team at hand not only for crises but the everyday, ongoing problems that afflict our much loved companions."
Mr & Mrs M, Middleton Stoney